Complex Systems Summer Schools, 2001

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		  Complex Systems Summer Schools
 			  Summer, 2001

SANTA FE SCHOOL: June 10 to July 7, 2001 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Held on the campus of St. John's College in Santa Fe.  Administered by
the Santa Fe Institute.

BUDAPEST SCHOOL: July 16 to August 10, 2001 in Budapest, Hungary.
Held on the campus of Central European University in Budapest.
Administered by Central European University and the Santa Fe

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: An intensive introduction to complex behavior in
mathematical, physical, living, and social systems for graduate
students and postdoctoral fellows in the sciences and social sciences.
Open to students in all countries.  Students are expected to choose
one school and attend the full four weeks.  

Week 1 will consist of an intensive series of lectures and
laboratories introducing foundational ideas and tools of complex
systems research.  The topics will include nonlinear dynamics and
pattern formation, statistical mechanics and stochastic processes,
information theory and computation theory, adaptive computation,
computer modeling tools, and specific applications of these core
topics to various disciplines.

Weeks 2 and 3 will consist of lectures and panel discussions on
current research in complex systems.  The topics this year are:
   -- Origin and Early Evolution of Life (Santa Fe and Budapest)
   -- Nonstandard Approaches to Computation (Santa Fe and Budapest)
   -- Geophysics and Climate Modeling (Santa Fe)
   -- Self-Organization and Collective Behavior (Budapest)  

Week 4 will be devoted to completion and presentation of student

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Applications are solicited from graduate students
and postdoctoral fellows in any discipline, but with some background
in science and mathematics at least at the undergraduate level
(including calculus and linear algebra).  An optional review of
relevant mathematics will be given at the beginning of each school.
Students may apply to either the Santa Fe School or the Budapest
School, regardless of home country.

  -- Santa Fe School: No tuition is charged.  100% of housing costs
  are provided for graduate students and 50% for postdoctoral fellows.
  (The remaining 50% is $700 for the four week school).  Most students
  will provide their own travel funding.  Some travel scholarships may
  be available, depending on need.

  -- Budapest School: No tuition is charged.  100% of housing costs are
  provided for all students.  Some travel scholarships will be available,
  depending on need.

HOUSING: Housing at both schools will be in single dormitory rooms,
some with shared bathrooms.  Telephone and computer network connectors
will be available.  For students with accompanying families, some
family housing will be available.  Travel support for families is not

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Provide a current resume with publications
list (if any), statement of current research interests, comments about
why you want to attend the school, and two letters of recommendation
from scientists who know your work.  Include your e-mail address and
fax number.  Specify which school you want to attend (or which is your
first choice if you are willing to attend either).  Specify in your
cover letter whether you wish to apply for a travel scholarship. (This
will not affect our decision on your application.)  Send only complete
application packages by postal mail to: 
	    Summer Schools 
	    Santa Fe Institute 
	    1399 Hyde Park Road 
	    Santa Fe, NM 87501


Women, minorities, and students from developing countries are
especially encouraged to apply.  

Further information at or
summerschool at 





Ray Goldstein, U. Arizona			Imre Kondor, Eotvos Univ.
Melanie Mitchell, SFI  				Melanie Mitchell, SFI

		     Partial List of Lecturers: 


Elizabeth Bradley, U. Colorado			Imre Kondor, Eotvos Univ. 
Thomas Carter, Cal. State U.			Andras Kroo, Renyi Inst. Math.
Sean Elicker, U. New Mexico			Melanie Mitchell, SFI
Ray Goldstein, U. Arizona			Cristopher Moore, U. New Mexico
Thomas Halsey, Exxon Research			Mark Newman, SFI
Laura Landweber, Princeton			Zoltan Racz, Eotvos Univ.
Seth Lloyd, MIT					Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden U.
Melanie Mitchell, SFI				Hava Siegleman, Technion
Harold Morowitz, George Mason U.		Erik Schultes, MIT
Cosma Shalizi, SFI				Peter Schuster, Univ. Vienna
Ken Steiglitz, Princeton			Eors Szathmary, Eotvos Univ.
Eors Szathmary, Eotvos Univ.			Gabor Vattay, Eotvos Univ.
Koen Visscher, U. Arizona			Tamas Vicsek, Eotvos Univ.
Lance Williams, U. New Mexico
Erik Winfree, MIT

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