FW: Last announcment: Molecular Studies of Marine Biological Div ersity 2001

Jose Lopez lopez at HBOI.edu
Tue Apr 17 20:14:15 EST 2001

> Course Announcement:
> Molecular Studies of Marine Biological Diversity on the Indian River
> Lagoon, Florida and Andros Island, Bahamas*,   June 4 - June 17, 2001
> Study of intra- and interspecific genetic variation of selected marine
> invertebrates.  Laboratory and field studies will compare diversity found
> among tropical mangrove and coral reef habitats in the Indian River Lagoon
> and Andros Island, Bahamas.  In a marine conservation and molecular
> ecology context, lectures and practical laboratory work will cover modern
> techniques such as marine invertebrate (e.g, cnidarian, poriferan etc)
> tissue preparation, DNA purification, genomic fingerprinting, the
> polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and molecular phylogenetic and
> bioinformatics analyses.  Experiential learning through integration into a
> Bahamian  "out-island" community will also be emphasized.  Open to upper
> level biology students and teachers. 3 graduate semester hours credit,
> transferable from FIT.  Total fee: approx $2600.00, based on travel and
> lab fees, and $640 per Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) credit hour,
> or $448 per credit hour for those who do not need academic graduate course
> credit. Substantial tuition waivers (30-60% of costs) will be available on
> a competitive basis to well qualified applicants. The course is limited to
> 17 students and will begin on the campus of Harbor Branch Oceanographic
> Institution, Ft. Pierce, FL. Course fees include lab fees, tuition,
> accommodation and travel to the Bahamas Environmental Research Center
> (operated by George Mason University's Center for Field Studies) Andros
> Island.   Dr. Jose V. Lopez (Harbor Branch Oceanographic  Institution,
> Assistant Scientist and course instructor) with guest lecturers To Be
> Announced.  Closing date: April 27, 2001.
> *This an International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) 2001-2002
> Approved Project (http://www.nrel.colostate.edu/IBOY)
> Applications can be downloaded from the web site
> http://www.hboi.edu/marineed/courses.html
>   For more information please contact Jill Sunderland, 800-333-(HBOI),
> X506, Kristina Jones, 703-993-1436 or 993-1740 (GMU), and  visit the
> following websites:
> http://www.ncc.gmu.edu/Ncc2000/courses/cfs/andros.html 
> http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8169


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