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andy law at
Thu Apr 19 19:44:41 EST 2001

Animal Genome Mappers, Animal Breeders and other interested parties,

The Roslin Institute Bioinformatics Group
( are pleased to announce that the ARKdb
database system has moved to a new, easy-to-remember domain. The main site
can now be found at The Roslin site is also
accessible as, while the mirror sites at Texas
A&M and Iowa State can be accessed as and We would like to take the opportunity to thank the
administrators at those two sites for their help in getting the new URLs set

The full set of ArkDB genome databases covering pigs, chickens, sheep,
cattle, horses, deer, cats, tilapia, salmonids and turkey can be found on
the Roslin site. The Iowa mirror site carries chicken and pig databases
whilst Texas houses cattle, horses and sheep.

There are bound to be glitches in the system that we have missed. Please let
us know about them, no matter how trivial, and we will try to fix them as
soon as possible. You can now contact us with ARKdb-related issues at
mailto:info at or mailto:feedback at

If you need to cite data held within the ARKdb databases, please cite
ARKdb-<species name> genome database, with URL and
refer to the published paper Hu et al., (2001). Nucleic Acids Research
29(1), 106-110 also noting the date on which the data was retrieved /

Watch out for more ARKdb announcements over the next few weeks as we seek
your views on re-developing these genome databases.


Dr Alan Archibald                              Dr Andy Law
Head of Department of                          Head of Bioinformatics
    Genomics and Bioinformatics

                     Roslin Institute, Scotland, UK

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