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Dear bionetters,

this is the very first announce of NETTAB 2002 Workshop on
"Agents in Bioinformatics", an international event that will
be held from July 12th to July 14th 2002 in Bologna, Italy.
You are all invited to visit the NETTAB web site and subscribe
to the announce mailing list at .

This is the second of a series of workshops whose aim is the
introduction and discussion of some of the most innovative and
promising network tools and applications in bioinformatics.

NETTAB 2001 workshop was held in May 2001 in Genoa, Italy
This very successful workshop was devoted to "CORBA and XML:
Towards a Bioinformatics Integrated Network Environment" and
was attended by 80 researchers, half of which came from Europe
and half from non European countries. A meeting report of
NETTAB 2001 by Andrew Martin has been published on Trends in
Biotechnology 2001:19:9, September 2001, pp 327-8.

The rationale of the workshop is that agents and multi-agent
systems are the emerging new way of computing. The integration
of biological data resources will deal, in the Semantic Web
Generation, with agents and software robots.

In the last five years there has been a growing interest in the
application of agent-based systems in different fields such as
e-commerce, transports and health. Agent based systems and
applications are well suited to support bioscientists during the
process of genome analysis and annotation, so as to the problems
of effectively managing and improving the processes that are
involved with protein structure prediction.

Some specialized projects in this topic are beginning to appear.
It may now be a good time to report on the results achieved in this
area, to discuss the benefits (and drawbacks) that agent-based
systems may bring to bioinformatics domains, and also to provide
a list of the research topics that should be tackled in the near
future to make the deployment of bioinformatics agent-based systems
a reality.

The aims of the workshop are:

- to strengthen the relationships within bioinformatics community,
- to activate an osmosis cooperation between bioinformatics and
  computer science communities, 
- to collect the latest ideas, achievements and proposals in the
  application of agents and multi-agent systems to the bioinformatics

Topics of the workshop are the following:

- Co-operation between intelligent agents to improve information
  retrieval in bioinformatics. 
- Multi-agent systems to support eScientists  during their daily research. 
- Agents applications in bioinformatics. 
- Multi-agent systems that improve the data resources integration. 
- Bioinfomatics agent-based decision support systems. 
- Information agents that gather, compile and organise biological
  knowledge available on Internet. 

It is noteworthy that the workshop will be held in the same location
of other agents related events. It will immediately follow the
AgentLink Summer School on Agents (see
and preceed the Joint International Conference on Autonomous Agents
and MultiAgent Systems AAMAS 2002

I would therefore like to invite you all to participate in the
NETTAB 2002 Workshop on "Agents in Bioinformatics". A call for
posters and oral communications will soon be launched.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Best regards.

On behalf of NETTAB 2002 Organizing Committee

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