Java for bioinformatics

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Wed Feb 7 16:27:32 EST 2001

The MSc in Bioinformatics at the University of Manchester is well
established and leads to a qualification widely recognised in the
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Students study six taught
modules and then undertake a research project.

Web-based options have now been developed to make these modules
available within a password-protected Virtual Learning Environment
(VLE). Within the VLE, participants communicate with the course tutors
and with each other using email, bulletin boards and on-line tutorials.
They also have access to the Distance Learning Service provided by the
University Library.

The distance learning modules may be studied either individually, or as
elements of the MSc programme. The modules follow two themes,
Bioinformatics and Computer Science. The Bioinformatics modules are:

Bioinformatics 1 (An introduction to Bioinformatics)
Bioinformatics 2 (Post Genomic Bioinformatics)
Algorithms in Bioinformatics

The computing modules are:

Applications are now invited for the module 'Java for Bioinformatics',
beginning in March 2001. The module fee for 2000/2001 is £500.
Participants who successfully complete a module will be awarded a course
certificate. At least two of the modules must be successfully completed
before any application is made for the full MSc by distance learning. A
student enrolled for the MSc must complete all of the taught modules
before registering for the research project, and complete the entire
programme within five years.

Further information on Distance Learning in Bioinformatics, including
the MSc entry requirements, is available from Heather.Vincent at,
or from our web site:


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