Interpro Workshop (Cambridge UK) 13th-15th June 2001

Alex Bateman agb at
Thu May 10 16:11:34 EST 2001

        Interpro Workshop (Cambridge UK) 13th-15th June 2001

InterPro is an integrated documentation resource for protein families,
domains and functional sites, which amalgamates the strengths of the
individual major pattern databases: PROSITE, PRINTS, Pfam ProDom and
SMART, into a single coherent database.

A workshop will be held from the 13th-15th June 2001 to present the
InterPro database, its member databases, and applications of InterPro
in genome annotation and whole proteome analysis and comparison. The
workshop will include technical information on the underlying
structure of the database and how to install and run the InterProScan
software locally.

The registration form, timetable and other information for the
workshop can be found at 

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