Alternative PubMed interface

alf eaton a at
Mon Dec 2 17:36:19 EST 2002

Announcement of the availability of an alternative interface to the
PubMed database of medical literature.

Created using Perl and the XML Web Services provided by the NCBI.

Features include:

Export checked abstracts in RIS format.
PubMed Search bookmarklet.
Rank relations: computes weighted ranking of abstracts related to (max
10) checked articles.
XML button for RSS feed of current query (updated daily).
Send query to XplorMed for further analysis.
Graph occurrences of search terms over time.
Refine search by MESH terms.
View related abstracts in PubMed Browser.
Send regular search results by email using BioMail.
Optional text extracts in search results.

All comments and suggestions welcome.

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