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The Italian Society for Pure and Applied Biophysics (SIBPA) organizes, in collaboration with the Venetian Institute of Sciences, Literature and Arts (IVSLA), the edition for the 2003 of the School of Pure and Applied Biophysics.
This edition will be on "BIOPHYSICS OF SENSORY TRANSDUCTION" and it will be held in Venice, Italy, January 27-31, 2003. 

The School will deal with the following topics: 
Mechanotransduction; Chemotransduction;  Phototransduction in invertebrates; Phototransduction in vertebrates

The lectures will be given by:
A. Bigiani (I), A.W. Gummer (D), R.C. Hardie (UK), A. Huber (D), J. Kauer (USA), B.U. Kaupp (D), M. Langer (D), F. Lenci (I), F. Mammano (I), A. Menini (I), C. Musio (I), R. Nobili (I), E.N. Pugh Jr. (USA), G. Rispoli (I), N. Ryba (USA), R. Tirindelli (I)

Scientific Committee:
G. F. Azzone (Padova), G. Giacometti (Padova); F. Mammano (Padova), A. Menini (Trieste), C. Musio (Napoli), G. Rispoli (Ferrara)

Director of the School:
Giorgio M. Giacometti (Padova, Italy)

For application and further informations link to the web page or contact the school's director Prof. Giorgio M. Giacometti at gcometti at 

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