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The 2001 edition of the Mill Hill Essays is now available at: 

The Mill Hill Essays are published annually to promote the Public  
Understanding of Science. They were inspired by a series of BBC  
Radio lectures given by eminent scientists in the 1950's, and  
subsequently published as a book. They are written by members of 
staff of the National Institute for Medical Research and guest  
authors, and are designed to be accessible to anyone with an  
interest in science and the natural world.  

This collection of Mill Hill Essays contains essays from the 
Institute and  one from our guest author, Tom Kirkwood, Head of 
Gerontology at  Newcastle University. 

There are not usually many points of contact between best-selling 
fiction  and cutting-edge biological research. In his review of the 
novel "White  Teeth" Dimitris Kioussis comments on Zadie Smith's 
description of  transgenic research and her approach to 
considerations of the role of  science in society. 

Stem cells have received much attention internationally this year 
as a  potential new means of treating many diseases. Robin Lovell-
Badge  explains what stem cells are, how they can be produced 
and what  therapeutic possibilities they hold. 

Antibiotics have revolutionised the practice of medicine and have 
saved  untold numbers of lives. Roger Buxton explains how they 
work, how  bacteria can become resistant to them, the importance 
of conserving their  use and the problems of resistance if we don't. 

Today more and more of us can expect to live to a ripe old age. 
Tom  Kirkwood elaborates the reasons for ageing and how 
scientists are  beginning to understand the ageing process. 

Don Williamson tells the fascinating story of endosymbiosis and 
the  surprising implications that discoveries in this field have for 
human health. 

Again we hope there is something to interest you and would value 
your  comments 


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