FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Extremophile Research--Theory and Techniques

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Fri Jan 25 23:14:59 EST 2002

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT:  Extremophile Research--Theory and Techniques

The American Type Culture Collection, in collaboration with the National 
Science Foundation, George Mason University and the University of
Maryland's Center of Marine Biotechnology, is sponsoring the sixth
annual "Extremophile Research: Theory and Techniques" symposium and
workshop.  To be held July 22-25, 2002, at the Columbus Center in
Baltimore, MD,  this course provides introductory and intermediate level
instruction in extremophile laboratory techniques, including growth,
biochemistry and genetics, concentrating on the methanogenic,
(hyper)thermophilic and halophilic Archaea.

For information about the course and for a listing of symposium and
workshop schedules please visit

Funding from the National Science Foundation provides a limited number
of stipends for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty from
small colleges and universities, and are awarded on a first-come,
first-serve basis so early application is desirable.

Please direct requests for information to Ms. Glenda Wilson
(gwilson1 at or myself.

Thank you.


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