Announcing MolBiol.Net Release 3.11

Jonathan Rees molbiol_ng at
Tue Nov 11 14:40:54 EST 2003


MolBiol.Net is an online directory of bioinformatics software and
molecular biology resources which has been assembled with the help
of end-users and authors of bioinforamtics tools. The cataloged software
includes both online and downloadable software, categorised by purpose
with references to the PubMed literature database,as well as descriptions
 of many of the programs available.

MolBiol.Net can be easily used to faciliate online sequence analysis
without the need to install any software locally. MolBiol.Net release
number 3.11 now catalogs more than 1500 resources.

Categories include sequence search, alignment, manipulation, restriction
analysis, primer design, translation, signal scan, transmembrane domains,
microarray, promoter and gene identification, vector databases, proteins,
tutorials, microarray, genetic stock centers and databases among others.

Access is free to use and requires no registration except for forum posting.

For access see URLs:

For searching see URL:

To add your resource see URL:

NEW - The directory can now be searched using Google by clicking on the
'Search' tab at the top of the home (index) page.

The MolBiol.Net Team
Tuesday 11th November 2003

*The main site is maintained at (updated
 whereas the mirror held at is updated only monthly.

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