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Spanish version at the end.
Version en español al final.

The mailing list "Bioinformatica" has changed its e-mail.
To subscribe, just write an e-mail to: subscribe-bioinformatica at
(can leave body and subject blank).

Here is the list information:

"Mailing list about Bioinformatics, for Spanish speaking researchers.
This list is hosted by Quilmes National University (
Topics include:
- -Bioinformatic software
- -Computer languages related to bioinformatics, like BioPerl, BioPython
and so on.
- -News, conferences, seminars.
Anything related to Bioinformatics will be welcomed."

Versión en español:

La lista "Bioinformatica" ha cambiado su e-mail. Para suscribirse, envie
un e-mail vacio a:
subscribe-bioinformatica at

Información de la lista:

"Lista sobre temas de Bioinformatica para investigadores de habla
hispana. La lista esta hosteada en la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
Los temas incluyen:
- -Programas y algoritmos bioinformaticos
- -Lenguajes especializados (Bioperl, BioPython, etc).
- -Anuncios de novedades, conferencias, cursos.
Cualquier tema relacionado con la bioinformatica sera bienvenido."

subscribe-bioinformatica at


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