2003 Protein Phosphorylation Workshop (Asilomar, CA December 11.-14.)

R. Hannes Niedner hannes at sdsc.edu
Wed Oct 29 20:15:32 EST 2003

Dear Researchers,

I t is my pleasure to announce that the registration for the 2003 
Protein Phosphorylation Workshop held in Asilomar (CA) from December 
11-14 is now open.  The workshop features a number of distinguished 
scientists, who will present in the following 5 sessions:

	- Bioinformatics Approaches in Proteomics
	- Plant Kinases
	- Chemical Biology and Inhibitors
	- Motif Prediction and Protein-Protein Interactions
	- Structure - Function and Modeling

This event will give you the opportunity to discuss the current state 
of the art and future developments in the field of protein 
phosphorylation research with renowned experts. The workshop will also 
try to capture the emerging bioinformatics needs and provide you with 
the opportunity to communicate your ideas and requirements to the 
developers of the Protein Kinase Resource <http://pkr.sdsc.edu>.

Please find all further details, the workshop program and the 
registration information on the conference home page at:


I am looking forward meeting you in Asilomar.

best regards/h


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