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Thu Dec 30 20:30:32 EST 2004

qPCR Satellite Symposium at the BioCity Leipzig

Deutscher Platz 5, 04103 Leipzig, Germany


organized by Dr. Michael W. Pfaffl and powered by

The main focus of the qPCR symposium is related to the key problems
in real-time PCR.

Optimisation, Normalisation & Standardisation

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Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field
will participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for
fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds.
The Symposium offers an overview of the present knowledge and future
developments in qPCR technology and its wide applications. The main
focus of the talks will be on Optimisation, Normalisation and
Standardisation of the real-time PCR and RT-PCR reaction.

Starting from the pitfalls in tissue preparation, RNA or DNA
extraction, we have a further focus on the cDNA synthesis (RT), and
how to optimize the PCR reaction itself. Next key points in qPCR are
the post qPCR working steps: how to determine the right Ct, which
quantification strategy is the right one and how to calculate with
the generated Ct data, BioInformatics (HKGs, normalisation...), to
come to a biological meaningful results.

Session 1: Pre-analytical steps (Moderator: M. W. Pfaffl)

Session 2: Single cell PCR (Moderator: M. Kubista)

Session 3: Probes Technologies (Moderator: S. Bustin)

Session 4: Quantification strategies & Optimization (Moderator: S.

Session 5: Applications Moderator: (N. Zoric)

Session 6: Post PCR & Bioinformatics (Moderator: M. W. Pfaffl)

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