NCBI BLAST 2.2.7 released

George Coulouris coulouris at
Mon Feb 9 00:32:06 EST 2004

The NCBI would like to announce the release of BLAST
2.2.7. Significant changes include:

* Standalone BLAST is now available for amd64-linux.

* formatdb now restricts volume sizes to 1G on 32-bit platforms for
  performance reasons.

* The -A option has been removed from formatdb, that is, all databases
  will be created with ASN.1 deflines.

* tblastn query concatenation now works correctly on 64-bit platforms.

* The wwwblast source code has been merged into the C toolkit tree and
  is no longer distributed with the binaries.

Binaries can be obtained from:

Source code can be obtained from:

Please contact blast-help at with any questions.

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