BeanRef Newsletter No.2004/01

Mario Nenno mario at
Sun Jan 11 10:28:31 EST 2004

                     BeanRef Newsletter No.2004/01

New: Links and new layout
The links on the BeanRef site have been revised and the whole site received
a more modern layout.

The old layout was designed to be similar to a book when the site started
in 1995. The new face of 2004 is now adapted to the current style how sites
organise and present their content.

What is 'BeanRef'?

BeanRef is a collection of external links and references from literature
to different aspects of research on beans (Genus Phaseolus and Vigna).

The content is devided into:
- General overview
- Genetic resources
- Molecular Biology
- Cytogenetics
- Physiology
- Phytopathology
- Production and Consumption
- Conferences, Organizations and Groups
- Databases
- Communication
- Useful links

The URL of is:

Comments and suggestions for further links are always welcome.

Mario Nenno


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