[Bionews] Interactive timeline of evolution

Michael D. DeLapa mdelapa at mdelapa.com
Fri Sep 29 17:28:58 EST 2006

As part of the Frans Lanting LIFE: A Journey Through Life Project, we 
developed an interactive timeline of evolution. I thought that the 
members of the BIONEWS listserve might be interested in knowing about 

To access the timeline, go to <http://www.lifethroughtime.com> click 
"Start the Journey" from the home page, and then select "View 
Timeline." For more background on the LIFE Project, click here 
<http://www.lifethroughtime.com/project.html>. We welcome your 

If you have suggestions for sharing the website with science teachers 
and others, and getting the word out generally about the LIFE Project 
-- book, exhibition, multimedia orchestral production, 
seminars/outreach -- please let me know.


Michael D. DeLapa
DeLapa Consulting

mdelapa at mdelapa.com
650.838.9551 office/fax

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