[Bionews] Upcoming workshop on Quantitative Methods in Population Dynamics

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Upcoming beginner level workshop on Quantitative Methods in Population
Dynamics at University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Greece, 11-15 June 2007
(see attached file).


You are hereby cordially invited to take part in the following workshop:


Quantitative Methods in Population Dynamics




This workshop will deal with the analysis and modelling of population
dynamics. The content is aimed at providing the participants with a
solid background in the philosophy, theory and practice for the analysis
of data. We will cover population projection matrix models, the
estimation of demographic parameters (survival, recruitment, dispersal
and growth rate) using capture-recapture models and the estimation of
population densities and abundance using capture-recapture and distance
sampling models. Finally, we will review recent advances in the
combination of those different sources of information (Integrated
Population Modelling). The format of the workshop will be a combination
of lectures and computer sessions with programs ULM, M-SURGE & U-CARE,
DISTANCE and MARK. It is our hope that participants will bring their own
data to work on during the workshop. All lectures and course material
will be in English.


Teachers: Olivier Gimenez, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Roger Pradel
(CNRS/CEFE, FRANCE) and Panagiotis Besbeas.


The registration fee for the workshop is 360 euros (180 euros for
students). Check the websites for details on how to apply. 


Thank you for disseminating this message to colleagues and students who
may not have received it.

Apologies for cross postings


Olivier Gimenez (olivier.gimenez At cefe.cnrs.fr
<mailto:olivier.gimenez At cefe.cnrs.fr> ) and Kostas Theodorou (
ktheo At aegean.gr <mailto:ktheo At aegean.gr> )

Workshop organizers

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