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Golden Ark Award 2008

To protect species of wild animals and plants....

Call for Award Candidates

The Golden Ark Foundation is pleased to announce the 2008 Golden Ark Award
for the protection of
species of wild flora and fauna. The Golden Ark Foundation will issue
three prizes of €50.000 each to
persons who have distinguished themselves with internationally outstanding
species protection efforts.

With this “call for candidates” we invite you to apply for the Golden Ark
Award or to propose other
persons. The Award winners will be selected by an independent,
international selection committee,
consisting of eminent conservationists. The Golden Ark Award will be
issued on 13 and 14 March 2008
at Burgers’ Zoo, the Netherlands. For specific information and the
application form please visit our
website: http://www.goldenarkaward.org

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The Golden Ark Award....
*  Is a reward for outstanding achievements in the
    protection of species of wild flora and fauna;
*  For 2008 consists of three prizes of €50.000;
*  Is to stimilate Award winners to sustain their
    dedicated work, to raise their profile, to extend
    their professional network and to strengthen
    their funding basis.

Master Class
A Master Class in species protection will be part of
the Golden Ark Award Conference.

Conservation Sponsor Market
The Conservation Sponsor Market serves to
establish contacts between Award nominees and
winners and potential sponsors.
         Main eligibility criteria
*  Activities of the conservation leader have clear,
    substantial and long lasting benefits for the
    conservation status of one or more species of
    wild flora and/or fauna;
*  Practical conservation relevance and long term
    benefits of current and future work or project of
    the candidate;
*  Conservation leadership, actual and potential
    contributions of applicant in promoting

How and when to apply
For further information about the Golden Ark
Foundation, Golden Ark Award and Applications,
please read the information on the website:
http://www.goldenarkaward.org. The deadline for
applications is 30 september 2007.
 Golden Ark Foundation, Veerdijk 42R, 1531 MS Wormer, The Netherlands

Kind regards,
Marijke van Oostenbrugge,
Golden Ark Award

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