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                   eHealth 2009
2nd International ICST Conference on electronic healthcare:
 Patients or Users - who are we developing services for?


     23-25th September 2009 - Istanbul, Turkey

Sponsored by ICST, Technically co-sponsored by Create-Net
                     ACM (pending)



Building on a very successful eHealth 2008 conference, the aim of eHealth 2009 is to bring 
together experts from academia, industry and global healthcare institutions to stimulate cutting-
edge research discussions, share experience with real-world healthcare service providers and 
policy makers as well as provide numerous business opportunities.

Despite substantial budgets spent on eHealth in recent years, existing healthcare services do not
sufficiently address the issue of patient privacy, trust, quality-assurance nor the potential in
e-learning and web minding for delivering 21st century healthcare system for European citizens. 
The key topic of eHealth 2009 is investigating a realistic potential of the Internet in providing
evidence-based medical advice and quality-assured education for patients to improve wellbeing 
of European and global citizens.


1. Privacy, Trust and Security - electronic patient records, models for trust and privacy, novel 
mobile encryption technologies, identity federation, role based access control, privacy enhancing 
2. Epidemiology and Early Warning Systems and Outbreak Detection - information and IT support 
systems for early warning and outbreak detection programs, data management issues, data 
collection and analysis for surveillance and epidemiology.
3. Healthcare Ontologies and Knowledge Management Systems - annotation, health care
ontologies, coding standards, communication standards, quality tagging and quality of service,
distribution issues, coding systems and ontologies mapping, search, users customisation, alert 
4. E-learning, Educational Games and the Impact of Information Delivery to Patients and
Professionals - using digital Libraries in building online communities, moderated discussion 
groups, qualitative and quantitative evaluation studies, user attitude towards the knowledge, 
studies of changes of user attitude with respect to digital libraries.
5. Web 2.0 in Healthcare, Wellbeing and Online Communities Of Practice - Community of
practice, Web 2.0, user support groups, blogs, online support for healthy lifestyle, wellbeing and 
public interventions.


• Keynote Talks
• Academic Papers Sessions
• Industrial Paper Sessions
• Research Projects and Industrial Products Demos
• Industrial and SME/Start-Up Companies Exhibitions
• PhD Students Session
• Poster Sessions
• Panel Discussions


General and Scientific Chair: Patty Kostkova, City ehealth Research Centre, City University, 
London, UK

Programme Co-Chair: Rajarajan Muttukrishnan, Mobile Networks Research Centre, City 
University, London, UK

Local Chair: TBC

Publicity Chair: David DoHerty, 3G Doctor, Ireland

Industry Chairs
Knowledge Transfer Co-chair: Steve Bunting, City University, London, UK
Industry Co-Chair: Simon Thompson, BT
Poster and PhD Student Session Chair: Jason Bonander, Associate Director, Health Informatics 
Strategy, CDC, Atlanta
Global Healthcare Chair: Anouk Berger, WHO
Web Site Editor: David Liang, City University, UK
Venue: Best Western, The President Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Publications: Springer Verlag (LNCS)

Important Dates
Paper Submission Date:1st May 2009
Notification Date: 1st June 2009
Camera Ready Date: 1st July 2009
Conference Date: 23-25th September 2009

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