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ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine

Chicago, Illinois, August 1-3, 2011

The ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and
Biomedicine (ACM BCB) is the main conference of the newly formed ACM
SIG Bioinformatics.

This is the second year of the ACM BCB Conference. Over 200 people
attended ACM BCB 10, which took place in Niagara Falls, NY on August
2-4, 2010.

ACM BCB 11 will be held in Chicago at the Hilton Suites Chicago –
Magnificent Mile from August 1-3, 2011. The conference welcomes high
quality, original research papers. Papers should contain new
algorithms or novel computational approaches in the broad areas of
bioinformatics, computational biology and biomedicine. Papers that
use existing computational techniques in new and interesting ways
leading to novel biological discoveries are also welcome.

Program Committee Vice Chairs

Genomics and Evolution
Dannie Durand, CMU, Yufeng Wu, U of Connecticut

Protein and RNA Structure, Protein Function, and Proteomics
Tatsuya Akutsu, Kyoto U, Pedja Radivojac, Indiana U Bloomington

Computational Systems Biology
Ying Xu, U of Georgia, Limsoon Wong, National U of Singapore

Processing and Application of Next Generation Sequencing Data
Hanlee Ji, Stanford U, Shibu Yooseph, J Craig Venter Institute

Medical Informatics and Translational Bioinformatics
May Wang, Georgia Tech, Tanya Berger-Wolf, U of Illinois at Chicago

Cross-Cutting Computational Methods and Bioinformatics Infrastructure
Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Ohio State U, Doheon Lee, KAIST

Immunoinformatics and Computational Immunology, Computational Epidemiology
Alberto M Segre, U of Iowa, Vladimir Brusic, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Image Analysis, Knowledge Representation and Inference, Integration of
Biomedical Data
Yoav Freund UCSD, Chris Wiggins, Columbia U

Databases, Knowledgebases & Ontologies for Bioinformatics, Text Mining
and Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine
Kevin B Cohen, U of Colorado, Hagit Shatkay, U of Delaware

Workshop proposals: Feb. 1, 2011
Paper submission: March 1, 2011
Acceptance: April 15, 2011
Camera-ready: May 1, 2011

Four Journal Special Issues:
o BMC Bioinformatics
o Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology,
o Journal of Biomedince and Biotechnology (pending approval)
o ACM SIG Bioinformatics Newsletter

General Chairs
Robert Grossman, U of Chicago
Andrey Rzhetsky, U of Chicago
Program Chairs
Sun Kim, Indiana U Bloomington
Wei Wang, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Workshop Chairs
Vasant Honavar, Iowa State U and NSF
Taner Sen, USDA
Aidong Zhang, State U of New York at Buffalo
Publicity Chairs
Eneida Mendonca, U of Chicago
Tutorial Chair
Michael Krauthammer, Yale U
Proceedings Chair
Li Liao, U of Delaware
Posters Chair
Jie Liang, UIC
Panel Chairs
Cathy Wu, U of Delaware
Best Paper Award Chair
Saurabh Sinha, UIUC
Local Arrangements
Shirley Connelly, UIC
Cindy Rogowski U of Chicago

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