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   Dear colleague, 
   Please find attached = and below the latest press release from open
   access publisher BioMed Cent= ral regarding the opening of nominations
   for the new General Biology Awar= d at the 6th Annual BioMed Central
   Research Awards. Nominations will cl= ose on 31st December 2011.
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   0= 9/11/11
   Recognizing and celebrating the best open access res= earch
   Nominate your favorite article for the new General Bio= logy Award
   Open access publisher BioMed Central announces th= at nominations are
   now open for the new General Biology Award at the 6th = Annual BioMed
   Central Research Awards. The awards bring together the sc= ientific
   community to celebrate the finest open access research from the = last
   12 months. Introducing this new category ensures authors publishin   g biological research in BioMed Central&#146;s journals including
   BMC= Biology, BMC Cell Biology and BMC Molecular Biology have the
   opportunity= to be recognized for their achievements, commitment and
   View all BioMed Central&#146;s open access journals that publi= sh
   research relating to biological specialities, and nominate your
   favori= te piece of research today. Nominations will close on 31st
   December 201= 1. 
   2012 sees the awards program expanded to incorporate a variet= y of
   biomedical disciplines. Ten new award categories have been introdu   ced and nominations are now also open for the following categories:
   &#149;	Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Award
   &#= 149;	Clinical and Translational Medicine Award 
   &#149;	Gene= ral Medicine Award
   &#149;	Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics = and Evolution
   &#149;	Microbiology, Immunology, Infectio= n and Inflammation
   &#149;	Molecular and Cellular Scienc= e Award
   &#149;	Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry Award
   &#149;	Plant, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Research Award
<   br>&#149;	Public Health Award
   The winning author(s) of= each of these categories will be
   automatically shortlisted for the prest= igious BioMed Central
   Research Award. Awards will also be presented to = the following
   &#149;	Open Data Award
   &#149;	Case Report of the Year Award
   &#149;	Open Acces= s Advocate/Institution of the Year Award
   &#149;	Editor of the= Year Award
   The BioMed Central Research Awards celebrate exc= eptional research
   published over the last year in BioMed Central&#146= ;s 223 open
   access journals. The Awards also provide researchers with h= igh
   visibility for their work, highlighting their achievements to the wid   er scientific community. 
   Deborah Kahn, Publishing Directo= r of BioMed Central, said,
   &#147;BioMed Central publishes excellent r= esearch over a very
   large range of fields. To recognize the breadth and= variety of
   outstanding quality research published within our journals, w= e have
   introduced ten new categories of prizes for this year&#146;s R   esearch Awards. The most outstanding paper published in each of
   these a= reas will receive the Award for that category, and in
   addition will go fo= rward to be considered for the prestigious BioMed
   Central 2011 Research p= rize.&#148;
   Please visit http://www.biomedcentral.= com/researchawards/ and
   follow us on Twitter using #BMCAwards11 for the= very latest
   information about the event.
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   Please click on the link(s) provided.
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   For further information, please re= ply to [2]">Guy Melzack



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