[Biothermokinetics] Photosynthesis: exothermic or endothermic?

pierre verville pierre-m.verville at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 4 09:58:00 EST 2006

A new molecule have to be exoergic (exergonic ?). Because ortherwise it is 
unstable ( a very short life).

In order to say endoergic you have to consider two molecules of water to 
provide the four protons for the basic monomer. Is the oxygen of 
photosynthesis endo or exo ... thermic. I propose exothermic.

For me exergonic is a term to be utilized in when it is related to biology 
instead of chemistry. For photosynthesis I am not sure which to utilize. If 
the oxygen is exo then when it is forming the former molecule was in a 
liquid state to become what, with an exo potential of a reaction. ((an 
exergonic reaction have more than heat, e.g. the position in the outer 
shells as for P))

I would have had a lot more to tell about that question. I even found 
something in the famous top review of chemistry of the u.s.a. .  When I try 
to begin a discussion with the staff of my university they panicked.

Up to now those who try to answer that say : endothermic, endergonic. And 
they have a curious redox serie of reaction. A true redox reactions come at 
once, not successively. There is not a wandering electron that make the 
oxidized or reduced state, climbing the photosystems energy or so on. I 
found the father of the expression also.

So as a student I have done a lot of research for that question. And I 
desire to be evaluate officially. But I want to know what it entails and so 

Think about it. The earth is wandering in a very cold cosmos. If 
photosynthesis is endo......  then photosynthesis is of no help in this 
fight against the cosmos : the heat fight.

Waiting for an answer, sincerely yours   pierre-m.verville at hotmail.com

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