other free-living nemas

fitch fitch at ACF2.NYU.EDU
Mon Aug 1 09:05:37 EST 1994

Adriana and interested others:
     The strain originally deposited with the CGC under the species binomen,
"Rhabditis maupasi" is not actually that species, but rather a Pellioditis
species (see Fitch et al. 1992 WBG 12(2):14-15).  Although my rhabditid
collection is becoming somewhat representative of the family, I still do not
have the real Rh. maupasi.  There is no "Caenorhabditis marpasi" in the
     Although one of my goals is to establish a proper database for this
free-living collection, the information is presently collected into a very
rudimentary set of tables and descriptions with morphological measurements
and line-drawings.  We also hope to organize a workshop on systematics and
evolution of the Rhabditida at the next international worm meeting.  If
anyone is interested, contact me at my email address (FITCH at acf2.nyu.edu),
and I will send info.
     We are gradually sending the collection to the CGC.  Meanwhile, if you
are interested in obtaining a particular species, with whatever info I have,
please contact me directly with an explanation of what you would like to use
it for.  For a list of species currently available from my lab, see Fitch and
Emmons, 1993, WBG 12(5):14 (the only species not available from that list
is P. prodontis).

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