electronic WBG

Michael Hengartner hengartn at CSHL.ORG
Tue Aug 2 20:07:57 EST 1994

Thinking about Leon's comments regarding an electronic WBG:

What about electronifying in two steps.  We could initially send hard
copies to the cgc as in the old days, and then have the cgc scan them in.
All submissions could then be scanned into one unique program, simplifying
conversion into HTML.  Clearly today's scanners are less than perfect, but
we can expect scanners and word recognition programs to improve over the
next few years.

One problem I see is that some of us (I will not mention names) might fret
about having their submissions scanned, fearing that typos will creep into
their carefully checked abstract.  Scanned submissions could, once they are
checked in-house, maybe be sent back to the authors by email, to have them
correct any obvious text mistakes that have eluded the local editor(s).

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