An Electronic WBG?

Carlos Eduardo Winter cewinter at BIOMED.ICB2.USP.BR
Wed Aug 3 11:53:50 EST 1994

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Patrick Philips wrote about RTF texts:

> Does Mosaic handle it nicely?  If not, then we are probably back to HTML 
> because I think Leon has an Internet resource in mind.

  I have found recently a small program at the Simtel repository 
( that is FREE and 
can transform RTF to HTM. It is an alpha version and comes with a .dot 
document that can be used with Winword2.0 for making HTM texts. I think 
it will be useful. It has some bugs: (1) the HTM texts must always be
checked with some HTM-readers to detect possible bugs and add the links 
(if there are some). 
 Good luck!

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