An Electronic WBG?

Patrick Phillips patrick at
Wed Aug 3 10:57:15 EST 1994

I have to agree with Don on this one.  RTF would seem to me to be the best
way to go since most word processors will let you save in this format
just using the "Save As" equivalent.  Of course the big question for Leon
is, will FrameMaker save in RTF format :-?  Another question would be about
the graphics stuff.  I don't think that either RTF or HTML support a native
graphics format, but instead use references to external files.  Using
NEXTSTEP (which I do), there is something called RTFD which includes all
attachments, such as graphics files, in a subdirectory hierarchy.  Does
the equivalent exist on Macs and IBMs?  Another question would be how well
WWW viewers handle RTF and RTFD formatted files.  The viewers for NEXTSTEP
like it because RTF has support built in the operating system.  Does
Mosaic handle it nicely?  If not, then we are probably back to HTML because
I think Leon has an Internet resource in mind.

I would say, whatever format you decide on, just put it on the Internet first,
and then see how things go from there.

Patrick Phillips
University of Texas at Arlington
patrick at

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