DNA and RNA isolation protocols

Wed Aug 3 10:18:12 EST 1994

I will be teaching molecular genetics lab for the first time next spring and
would like to use worms as much as possible.  I would greatly appreciate any
suggestions on relatively student-proof, quick, easy DNA and RNA isolation
protocols.  Ideally, these would be protocols that have been used in a
classroom setting, but any protocols that fall into the quick and easy category
would be wonderful.  Kevin Van Doren has already sent me his protocols (thanks,
Kev!) but I'm not sure how readily adaptable they are to a lab course.  I also
welcome any other ideas about using worms in a molecular genetics lab course. 

Jim Lissemore
Biology Department
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH 44118
email: jlissemore at jcvaxa.jcu.edu
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