20th Century

Wed Aug 3 11:58:33 EST 1994

I produce a modest gazette for the plant-parasitic nematode community
(which, by the way, is available to all those interested) closely modelled
after the WBG. We too are considering electronic submission and
distribution. For the previous edition, a number of the submissions came as
attachments to e-mail messages from a variety of word processors running on
Intel-based machines and Macs. Simply using Eudora they were automatically
extracted as MS Word documents that retained the full formatting of the
original, ready for me to print. Although not every one will have a common
word processor, there may be only a small number of programs that most
people use. The WBG could accept electronic submissions in this small
number of standard formats, and obtain hard copy from the rest. 

Electronic distribution obviously is more complex, because not all of the
contributions will be received electronically. However, I think that the
idea of scanning and OCR might work. Once in electronic form, the gazette
could be electronically mailed to those subscriber previously identified as
able to translate what ever the broadcast file-type was used. Those
subscriber who can't could still receive a hard copy through the mail.
David McK. BIRD
Department of Nematology and Graduate Genetics Group
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521-0415
                                        TR3A TS32922L
Office: (909) 787-3192
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