electronic abstracts

Curtis Loer loerc at LAFVAX.LAFAYETTE.EDU
Wed Aug 3 13:22:53 EST 1994

        Despite all HTML'ing, RTF'ing and other forms of electronification
and their uses, I can't imagine not having a hard copy of the WBG to cuddle
up with next to a blazing autoclave at night. Will the Gazette still have a
cover by or after those of Greg Nelson? Will we put Federal Express out of
business and procrastinate even longer if we email our submissions? 

       On a related note, should all worm meeting participants be
encouraged or required to submit (by email or disk) at least an ASCII file
of their abstracts to CGC or another similar place? Or are those who keep
track of these items (like WCS) still scanning them in with OCR?

Curtis Loer
Lafayette College

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