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>        Despite all HTML'ing, RTF'ing and other forms of
>and their uses, I can't imagine not having a hard copy of the WBG to
>up with next to a blazing autoclave at night. Will the Gazette still
have a
>cover by or after those of Greg Nelson? Will we put Federal Express out
>business and procrastinate even longer if we email our submissions? 

We won't put FedEx out of business, but it would be nice to help put the
U.S. postal monopoly (a.k.a U.S. SNAIL) out of business by maximizing the
use of E-mail, Faxes, FedEx, etc.  Recently, they have started to go to
enforce their monopoly on the delivery of first class mail by charging
many corporations for "inappropriate" use of FedEx; they make the
corporations pay fines equal to the amount that they spent on FedEx. 
This is a government sanctioned protection racket.

Personally, I wouldn't mind getting my WBG subscription in electronic
form, hopefully with the cute cover-illustrations still included!

Ron Kagan

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Ron Kagan
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