epitope tag

Mike Gruidl gruidl at MEDSCI.MBP.MISSOURI.EDU
Sat Aug 6 14:04:01 EST 1994

Dear Worm group netters:

We are currently looking into different types of epitope tagging.  I am 
currently aware of three: Myc, HA and the IBI Flag system.  I have heard
that the HA antibodies have some background problems in worms.  I have 
heard that the Flag antibodies gave weak signals.  Some have had success
with the myc antibodies.  We would be injecting the tagged RNA into the 
gonad, wait until the protein is expressed and look for localization of the 
tagged protein primarily in the embryos.

I would like any information available for any of these systems.   If anyone
knows of another epitope tag system I would like to know about that as well.

Please respond by email at this address.

Mike Gruidl
email gruidl at medsci.mbp.missouri.edu

Thank you


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