worm medium modification

Eric J. Lambie Eric.J.Lambie at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Sun Aug 7 11:00:55 EST 1994

I'd like to hear from anyone who has used MYOB worm mix (WBG 13 #2 p12).  We
no longer use NGM and have been entirely satisfied using MYOB for all stocks. 
What has your experience been?  Do your worms grow well on this medium?  Do
your stocks retain good viability on plates after extended storage?  

We've switched from using Bacto Peptone to Bacto Tryptone in our mix .  After
a few days of sitting around, lawns grown on Bacto Peptone tend to become
somewhat tough and pebbly.  Lawns fed with Bacto Tryptone are more lush and

The new recipe (for 100 liters):

55g TrisHCL; 24g Tris base; 460g Bacto Tryptone; 0.8g Cholesterol; 200g NaCl. 
Mix thoroughly and add 7.4g to 1 liter of water.  Add 20g agar and autoclave.

We use 2% agar because it retards burrowing more effectively than 1.8% does.

Thanks for your input,

eric.j.lambie at dartmouth.edu

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