Job opportunities in Switzerland

Wed Aug 10 21:10:42 EST 1994

I will be starting my own lab in Basel, Switzerland in October.
I am looking for people at all levels to join, short or long
term.  Your favorite lab has a long wait before you can join
for your postdoc?  Why not enjoy beautiful Switzerland for
a couple of months.  You have not decided where to do your
graduate work?  Come to Basel, and you can travel to 
Paris on Weekends in 5 hours.
Projects will mostly be centered around homeobox genes.
Many different genes at various levels of analysis available to
choose from. 
E.g. ceh-6 knockout available, how about a suppression screen.
ceh-14, a strain is ready with a Tc1 for a knock-out.
ceh-20, antibodies available, and complete genomic sequence.

Thomas Burglin
burglin at
FAX: (617) 726-6893, phone  (617) 726-5983

PS: obviously we are talking about C. elegans here...

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