TC1 deletion PCR: artifacts

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Wed Aug 17 13:11:56 EST 1994

In article <01HFZEV47GBM8WWBDY at> William R. Morgan,
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>I'm conducting a screen for Tc1-mediated deletions starting with a Tc1
>insertion allele of kin-16 and I'm getting a major artifactual product of
>about 1 kb.  Thomas Burglin and David Greenstein state that they see
>similar "non-specific bands that are also present in all reactions, but
>should look for bands that occur only in one of the samples" (Burglin and
>Greenstein, "Tc1 Deletion PCR Tips" available by Gopher at
>  However, I'm concerned that the amount of the
>artifactual product (typically 25-75 ng/ 10 ul) may be out-competing the
>desired, rare deletion products.  Should I worry about this PCR artifact
>should I merrily continue my screen?

I don't know if this is feasible with the number of samples you may be
working with, but could you prepare restriction digest quality DNA? 
Then, prepare some of the 1 Kb artifact DNA, find a restriction enzyme
that cuts the 1 Kb artifact but is not likely to cut your desired
product.  You could then treat your samples with that restriction enzyme
prior to doing PCR, thus eliminating the 1 Kb artifact.

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