MYOB response summary

Eric J. Lambie Eric.J.Lambie at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Wed Aug 17 11:54:28 EST 1994

Six people resonded to my inquiry about MYOB worm mix (thanks).   Five were
currently using MYOB (or minor variations) for the majority of their stocks
and had found their worms to be happy with the decision.  One respondent
reported that especially finicky stocks (e.g., unc-104) were less happy on
MYOB than NGM and also that worm behavior was different on MYOB (perhaps due
to dissatisfaction?).  

It may be that addition of a little calcium, magnesium and/or phosphate would
make MYOB a more satisfying medium for unhappy stocks.  I tried adding 
magnesium and calcium (1mM each) and phosphate  (5 mM) to a small batch of
MYOB before autoclaving and did not observe any horrible precipitation
reaction (which will occur if you simply autoclave all of the NGM components
together).  So, I'd be happy to try any candidate sicko strains anyone might
send (soon) on this enhanced MYOB.   At present I'm just planning to test
unc-104, which is supposed to be fairly particular about its environment.


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