microinjection of DNA

Mike Gruidl gruidl at MEDSCI.MBP.MISSOURI.EDU
Thu Aug 18 13:37:32 EST 1994

Dear worm netters:

I am getting ready to do microinjection rescue and I want to know if I
need to use CsCl purified DNA.  I know about problems with DNA ppt with Na
salts and that I should use K salts.  I would guess that there would be
fewer problems with CsCl DNA, but does an alklaine lysis miniprep DNA work OK?

Just a note.  As long as I use enough DNA, I am able to do most
manipulations with miniprep DNA including sequencing.  My only concern is
how to determine how much DNA I am using or is that not a problem as long
as I have enough and I don't clog the needle.

please email any advise to gruidl at medsci.mbp.missouri.edu


Mike Gruidl

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