Mosaic analysis with ncl-1

David Waring dwaring at
Wed Aug 17 21:05:31 EST 1994

In article <199408172127.AA20133 at> Jeffrey Yuan,
>I am interested in setting up a mosaic analysis experiment using ncl-1
>worms.  The question I have with the analysis is has anyone had any
>using the cosmid (C33C3 if I remember correctly) that rescues ncl-1
instead of 
>the duplication qDp3.  Does such an approach work?  I hope to coinject
>cosmid with a plasmid that rescues my gene, therefore having to avoid
>the free duplication to the injected array.\

Several people have succesfully used C33C3 for mosaic analysis.  Lelani
Miller in Stuart Kims lab has used it for lin-31, and mpk-1.  The lin-31
paper describing the technique and the rescue of ncl-1 will be submitted
to Genetics soon  look for Miller, Waring and Kim.  If you need the DNA I
can send it to you.  You may want to contact Lelani, I think she might
have some tips.

David Waring

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