quantitation of extrachromosomal arrays

Martin A. Srayko msrayko at GENEKIT.MEDGEN.UBC.CA
Tue Aug 23 19:50:20 EST 1994

   I am interested in quantitating the number of copies of a gene that resides
in an extrachromosomal array (along with rol-6) for a number of different
transgenic lines.   Each of these lines exhibit slightly different transmission
frequencies, so I don't think isolating genomic DNA from Rollers, followed by
standard Southern analysis and densitometry on band intensities would be the
best way to go (unless there is a way to select for Rollers that I am unaware of).
   I am considering quantitative PCR and would appreciate anyone's comments
and/or protocols on this or any other strategy.

   You can e-mail me at:
		msrayko at genekit.medgen.ubc.ca


   Martin Srayko

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