Repetitive sequence database for C. elegans

Pankaj Agarwal agarwal at
Wed Aug 24 14:55:10 EST 1994

A database of repetitive DNA sequence in the nematode C. elegans is
available for querying.

The repeat elements were identified and classified using the Repeat
Pattern Toolkit. The dataset used was 3.67 million bases of almost
contiguous DNA sequence from chromosome III. 

Citation: P. Agarwal and D.J. States (1994). The Repeat Pattern
	  Toolkit (RPT): Analyzing the Structure and Evolution of the
	  C. elegans Genome: ISMB-94. (postscript copy available from 

	  R. Wilson and others (1994). 2.2 Mb of Contiguous Nucleotide
	  Sequence from Chromosome III of C. elegans. Nature 368:32-38.

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