Repetitive sequence database

Fri Aug 26 05:54:12 EST 1994

Since repetitive sequences have been my field of interest for quite a while
I have welcome with much interest the database of repetitive DNA sequence
in the nematode C. elegans accessible via WWW, nevertheless there are some
comments and/ or doubths:
- There is no indicization of the classified sequences with the already
described ones (easy to get from literature, the Genbank and in most cases
also mapped on the C. elegans physical map). 
- I tried my self to identify to which family in the database correspond
each of those already known, in most cases (i.e. Rc35) to one described
family correspond 14 in the database, what are these 14? are different loci
of the same family or what? If so are the 7629 total families much less
than that?
-Once identified an interesting family how get more information about it?
- Why if I digit a 12bp DNA query sequence the program only search for 11bp?
- I failed to pick up transposons with this program, it is correct?

I am very interested in sharing more pieces of information

Adriana La Volpe

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