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> >This is yet another example of why it is both immoral and impractical to
> >collaborate with regimes that do not respect individual rights.
> >
> >Ron Kagan
> This is a scientific network I would recommend to keep any personal
> political bullshit out of it
> Adriana La Volpe

well, yes and no.  i agree that this is a forum designed for discussion of
scientific (specifically worm-related) issues.  however, ignoring the
social, moral and political consequences of scientific discoveries,
experiments and related issues has led us in the past to such fun things as
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, radiation testing on mentally ill children, biological
weapons production and testing on uninformed American communities, and the
essentialy eternal legacy of Cold War madness that we have left to future
generations on this planet.

if the folks up at U. Chicago back in the 30s and 40s had put MORE of their
"personal political bullshit" into their science, perhaps we would not have
these concerns.

this is not an endorsement of using bionet.celegans for political reasons,
but i don't think that we should write Ron off as a kook, and flame him
eternally.  he makes the point well (although i'm not sure if that was his
purpose) that we as scientists need to take a look at the social, moral and
political consequences of the work we do in order to avoid such evils as
the nuclear and biological weapons programs still running rampant (for no
good reason) in this country.

just want to offer my 2 cents in this matter.  maybe a new
group...bionet.ethics or something to that effect might be in order here as
a forum for this kind of discussion.  i admit that the c. elegans group is
not the most appropriate place for it, but sometimes one must make do with
what is available.

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