A second modest proposal . . . . (now with details)

Marc Perry mdperry at gpu.utcc.utoronto.ca
Mon Aug 29 14:10:32 EST 1994

I have been reading news off and on for about six years (posting news
continues to elude me) and have found it both entertaining and
informative.  I won't bore you with lists of games, GIFs, FAQs and
advice I have sought.  Suffice it to say that I was pleased when this
newsgroup began recently.  For example, I found Leon's recent poll on
dissecting microscopes useful if not timely (I had already decided on
M3C's but would have opted for Zeiss's Stemi 2000 if I had twice as
much money to spend).

My personal bias is that this forum should not be used for practical
jokes.  The two recent posts where the individual authors successfully
parodied articles we have all read in other newsgroups were quite
amusing (IMHO--don't you just love using these internet acronyms?),
but not appropriate for a group whose mandate is the exchange of
research information on small, free-living soil nematodes.

I would like to suggest that members of the C. elegans community
direct all future postings on personal politics and the social
responsibility of scientists to Dave Kristofferson's latest venture:
bionet.humor (bionet.humour).


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Marc Perry                          
Dept. of Medical Genetics
University of Toronto

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