cans of worms?

Michael Hengartner mir at CSHL.ORG
Mon Aug 29 14:58:50 EST 1994

Dear worm netters,

Some friend of mine, a biochemist (who requested anonymity for fear of
becoming the laughingstock of this discussion group), recently started
doing some worm biochemistry.  A quite laudable enterprise, actually.
Unfortunaly, he soon tired of having to prepare gram quantities of worms
everytime he wanted to start some experiment, and asked me to find out if
there is a source of worms out there, where one could simply send a PO and
get back frozen worms.  Does something like this exist?

If not, he begged me to at the very least find a source of worm food i.e.
large quantities of frozen E. coli for sale.  Any ideas about who would
sell bugs cheap?  Sigma sells some lyophilized strains, but they looked
rather pricey.

thanks for the help.

Michael O. Hengartner, Ph.D.

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