eric c. anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Tue Aug 30 11:51:00 EST 1994

i would like to apologize for getting off on a tangent with my reply to
Adriana's post ("this is a scientific network").

i would appreciate it if the personal flames would cease.  i know that the
forum was somewhat inappropriate, but as it was a reply, a cross-post would
have been confusing.  also, by the gist of the letters i am receiving in
reply, many people in the community do not think that ethics has a place in
a scientific discussion forum.  while i doubt that many people would agree
with that statement as it is written, some of your replies to me have said
just that, but not in so many words.

sorry for wasting the bandwidth, but i never really expected to incite a
personal flame from leon.


eric c. anderson
anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
660 s. euclid box 8103
washington univ. school of medicine
dept of molecular biol. and pharmacology
st. loser, misery 63110

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