Cotransformation of cosmids and plasmids

Richard Feichtinger feichtin at
Wed Aug 31 08:25:16 EST 1994

Does anybody has data on the transmission rate of cotransformations of
cosmids and plasmids? (or know somebody who might have data on that)?

We are trying a project to make a set of transgenics to use them as
duplications for complementation tests with mutants. We want to inject
two plasmid markers, pha-1 and rol-6, one cosmid marker and several
test cosmids. Of course we would like the test cosmids in the
propagated strain linked to the markers with high probability. 

Another possibility would be to clone pha-1 and rol-6 into a cosmid
vector to have only cosmids to form an array.

Thanks in advance,

Richard Feichtinger

feichtin at

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