Official Welcome to CELEGANS/bionet.celegans

William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
Thu Jul 14 13:09:31 EST 1994

As the discussion leader, I would like to officially welcome everyone to
the CELEGANS/bionet.celegans newsgroup.  As stated in the original charter,
this newsgroup is for the discussion of topics of interest to C.elegans
researchers.  In addition, you are encouraged to post announcements of
general interest to the worm community.  This group is not moderated, so
every message will appear as it was posted. 

My main duty as discussion leader is to insure that a certain level of
activity is maintained.  I am also planning to prepare a Frequently Asked
Question (FAQ) list that will include directions to electronic resources of
interest to the C.elegans community.  If you have any suggestions for items
to include on the FAQ list, please mail them to me directly.  I appreciate
any input.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who supported the creation of the
CELEGANS/bionet.celegans newsgroup.  I look forward to your participation
and an active and stimulating newsgroup in the years to come.

Best wishes,
Bill Morgan

William R. Morgan
The College of Wooster
Department of Biology
931 College St.
Wooster, OH  44691
Phone:  216-263-2026
FAX:    216-263-2378
E-mail: wmorgan at

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