Specific Knockouts in C.elegans

Jeffrey Yuan yuan at PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU
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In message <01HEQ9BKHG8Y8WWXWH at acs.wooster.edu> William R. Morgan writes:
> smh1008 at cus.cam.ac.uk (David S. Huen) writes:
> >Is it possible to produce mutants in C.elegans in which a specific gene is
> >>knocked out? 
> Yes, see Zwaal et al. (1993)  Target-selected gene inactivation in C.
> elegans by using a frozen transposon insertion mutant bank.  Proc. Natl.
> Acad. Sci. USA 90: 7431-7435.
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You may also contact Ron Plasterk (the senior author on the Zwaal paper) in the 
Netherlands.  He wrote a chapter for the upcoming C.elegans Methods Book called 
"Reverse Genetics: from Gene Sequence to Mutant Worm."  This is a detailed 
description of the process and how to do it.  He may be able to send you a 
preprint of the chapter.  His email address is rplas at nki.nl.  I hope he does not
get upset with me by posting this message.

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