Introns in C. elegans

Ron Kagan rkagan at
Sun Jul 17 17:02:18 EST 1994

I'm sequencing a gene on chromosome V of C .elegans.  I did a BLASTN
search with one of the introns I sequenced (about 650 bp) and it gave
very good matches (smallest Poisson probabilities of 1.6e-05 to 3.1e-50)
for about a dozen other intronic sequences, mostly on chromosome III in
regions also identified in the database as introns.

Does anyone know of references that discuss this kind of intron sequence
conservation in C. elegans?  I'm also interested in references on
conservation of intron-exon junctions between C. elegans and higher

Thanks to anyone that can help.  Post or E-mail your comments.

Ron Kagan

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