Who is the originator?

William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
Mon Jul 18 06:18:38 EST 1994

wschaeff at moose.uvm.edu (Warren I. Schaeffer) asks:

>Would the originator of this list please identify him/herself?  ...  Could we
>have that original reposted?

To avoid wasting space, let me simple remind everyone that all CELEGANS
messages are saved (for years?) and can be retrieved using ftp or Gopher. 
Here's the relevant section from the original posting
"CELEGANS/bionet.celegans is ready!" by Dave Kristofferson, BIOSCI

>Archives for CELEGANS/bionet.celegans are kept in the
>anonymous FTP account at net.bio.net [].  Look in the
>directory pub/BIOSCI/CELEGANS for posting archives.  Each file
>is assigned a date such as 9312 for December 1993.  Please note that
>ours is a UNIX system and all file and directory names are
>case-sensitive, i.e., upper case file names are different from lower
>case names. 
>You can also access these same files via Gopher if you start a gopher
>session using net.bio.net as your gopher server.  Gopher also allows
>you to view the individual messages within each monthly archive file.
>The files are in the CELEGANS directory.  

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